A snippet from Laura Wright´s First Ink.

A snippet from Laura Wright´s novella First Ink:

"“There he is! Oh my god. He is the hottest thing that ever walked the earth.”
Oh yeah he was. Always had been.
“Look at the line, Addy. Just to watch him work. Shit, we'll never get close. And I hear you need a special pass to get a picture with him.”
I'm sure that was true. Rush was always heavily guarded at these things. But I didn’t want his picture. I had plenty. Of him. Of us. What I wanted, what I needed, was a moment alone with him. To explain why I'd left him five years ago without a word or a note, and to beg him to forgive me so I could move on with my life."

I´m sure this novella is very good!:)I love men with tattoos!*g*
And Laura is one of my favorite authors!

I´m reading a lot of books right now.*Booknerd!*:)
Right now I´m very into biker romance books and rocker romance books!I also love books about tattoo artists.:)

This is Rush from First Ink as I see him in my mind:


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