I just watched Swedish Hollywood Wives.

I just watched Swedish Hollywood Wives.Crazy ladies!
They have very strange lives I think.
I´m reading In Flight and I enjoy it.
I know many think of Fifty Shades of Gray when they read In Flight.
Sure,both James and Christian are billionaires and kinky Doms.
But I don´t mind at all.:)I don´t know why but I like Fifty Shades of Gray.
But not all of it.And I think In Flight is better.I also like the Crossfire series more.
In real life I would not want a man like Christian..But I see him only as a fantasy figure.
I have read the two first books in the FSG series.I borrowed the 3rd from the Library but did not finished it.I want to of course.I need to know how it will end for Christian and Ana.

My top six authors:

Laura Wright

Katie Reus

Larissa Ione

Nalini Singh

Kristen Ashley

Madeline Sheehan

I have many more authors I love of course!:)

Old and New Photos of me/family/friends:


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