Visar inlägg från oktober, 2018

New book by Michelle Willingham.

It is the Swedish edition of Forbidden night with a Highlander!The cover is gorgeous! I also have the English original as Kindle edition!

I think my signed copy of A Covert affair by Katie Reus and the wolf bookmark will arrive next week. So thrilled about that. :)


I love my unicorn t-shirt!

Unicorn t-shirt!

Yesterday I got a unicorn t-shirt! 😍

I also got a net t-shirt.

Nightmare before Christmas.

I got a Nightmare before Christmas diary today!
I love Jack Skellington! <3 I have a Jack Skellington dress too. :)

I got a Harry Potter bookmark today.

My brother and his girlfriend bought a Harry Potter bookmark to me last week. Mom and dad visited them in Gothenburg and took the bookmark with them. :) I got it today and it's beautiful. :) My parents bought a book to me in Gothenburg but I won't get it until Saturday. I'm curious what book it is. I hope it is a book by Sarah J. Maas. ;)

I must pay VAT before the package from Katie Reus will arrive to me. New rules in Sweden. But it is ok because it's not much I have to pay. :) Katie sent a signed book and a wolf bookmark to me. <3 I am looking forward getting it. :)


I can't believe October is already here!I'm looking forward Halloween! <3 I think I will have a steampunk costume this year!

I'm looking forward the wolf bookmark and the signed book Katie Reus will send to me!<3
So excided about this!

Some old pictures because I'm feeling nostalgic: