Visar inlägg från april, 2019

Stitch t-shirt.

I have ordered a Stitch t-shirt. :) So cute! Sometimes I don't feel like being an adult. ;)

I have ordered two tops from HM.

They are really cute and feels like me! :) I think they will arrive next week!

Outlander Poncho and a Highlander cattle stuffed animal.

I have ordered an Outlander Poncho and a Highlander cattle named Angus. He is not real. Lol. He is a stuffed animal. :) I think he will be a good friend to my rubber duck Macquack.:)

Outlander Poncho.

I will order an Outlander Poncho. :) I will hopefully wear it in Scotland next year! :)

I got 3 signed books this year so far.

In January I got Never let go and Before the Dawn signed by Cynthia Eden.In March I got Primal Possession signed by Katie Reus.:)

Happy Easter!

My nice, nephew and I made Minion Easter eggs yesterday. It was very fun! I got the Minion Easter egg decoration kit from an American friend, Anne. :)

Scotland next year?

My best friend and I are planning a Scotland trip next year! I'm so excited about it! :) I will take a lot of pictures and buy postcards to some of my friends. :) I will also bring some books with me to read. The Chief by Monica McCarty for example.

I really hope we can travel! :)