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I will problably get my copy of "Eternal beast" the 7:th of August.:-)It makes me a happy girl!*g*
Only 17 days left!Yeah!The sun was shining at first but the rain came as usual.But it´s cosy.

Good Vampire bookseries.

Mark of the Vampire series by Laura Wright is one of my top 5 Vampire book series.:)
J.R. Wards Black Daggerbrotherhood is also good..But I feel like the first 6 books are the best!I hope that "Lover at last" will be great!:)Lara Adrian,Alexandra Ivy and Larissa Ione has also very good bookseries with vampires in it.:)I don´t mind that the language is explicit.And I really don´t mind the sexscenes.*g*When it comes to m/m romance I really don´t mind either.*g*I guess I have an open mind or something.But I understand if some people don´t like it..and I respect that.:)

I think the Lover at Last cover is pretty awesome:

Bones from the Night Huntress series.

Where can I find my own British Vampire?:-P

My favorite quote from Bones.

My favorite quote from Bones in the Night Huntress bookseries:

It was raining a while ago.

It was raining a while ago.Typical Swedish summer weather.*g*But I don´t mind...I think it´s cosy.:)
The sun is shining again.Yaay!:)

I think I will tattoo this picture of Lucian on my shoulder:

It´s wonderful here in Blekinge.

It´s wonderful here in Blekinge.:-)It was raining alot yesterday but the sun is shining today.:-)
It´s only 18 days left until "Eternal Beast" comes out.:-)*Woho.*Looking forward it!
I think the Mark of the Vampire series is one of the best out there!:-)Dark,edgy and sexy!*g*
My cup of tea.:-)I have a soft spot for Vampires too.:-D Mother and I never picked blueberries yesterday but maybe today.:-)We have some in the garden.I´m listening to Melody Gardot.She has a good voice.:-)I like her alot...My older sister and her family will come to Blekinge next week.I hope it will be fun!*g*I feel calm.:-)I saw a great tv-serie yesterday.:-)It´s about the pope in the 1400s.

Soon I will be in Blekinge.

Soon I will be in Blekinge.:-)*Yay!*I don´t know how many days we will spend there.I hope it will be fun!:)It´s only 20 days until "Eternal Beast" comes out.:)I don´t know how long it will take before it arrives.Laura Wright is going to ship the book to me from USA so I guess it will take 4 days maybe.I really don´t have any idea.*g*It´s the first time I have a book signed by an author.:)

I will be in Blekinge tomorrow.

I will be in Blekinge tomorrow.:-)In my parents´ cottage.*g*It´s gonna be fun I hope!My older sister and her family will also be there.I´m listening to electronic music.:-)It´s good.I´m a little bit tired...I get up early in this morning.*Sigh.*I´m gonna watch television soon.


The Jam.

Going Underground=Really good song!

The Who.

"Behind Blue Eyes."

Laura Wright´s Hump day wednesdays on Facebook.

Laura Wright´s Hump day wednesdays on Facebook are Hot,Hot,Hot!:-)*g*
She uploaded this picture today;

I don´t have a car but he can wash me instead.:-P *g*Where can I find my own 8 pack man?;-P


A little bit tired today.

I´m a little bit tired today.But I´m feeling okay.:-)I don´t know what to eat yet.*Hm*
I will figure something out.:-)I was reading today..No surprise really.:-P*Booknerd.*
I have wrote a novella and it´s about a Swedish girl who meet and fall in love with a man from Australia.:-)I think it´s a good story.*g*I don´t know if I will change something yet.:-)
My mum and dad are in Blekinge in their cottage with my big sister and her family.I think they will stay there until Sunday.I was there the last week and I really enjoyed it.:-)It´s a peaceful place.

Åt god fika för ett tag sedan.

Åt god fika för ett tag sedan.:-)är snart klar med min sommarnovell.Ska be mamma att läsa igenom den.Jag tycker det är riktigt roligt att skriva.Har god fantasi tycker jag själv.Funderar på att skriva en till novell.:-)Vill även skriva en tjock roman.*L*En paranormal Romance.Det är nämligen så att de flesta böcker jag läser är inom den genren.:-)Men jag läser även historiska böcker och en del fantasy.
:-)Jag är en stolt boknörd!Haha!Har tyckt om att läsa sedan jag gick i lågstadiet.

Idag ska min farbror och hans fru hälsa på i sommarstugan.

Idag ska min farbror och hans fru hälsa på i sommarstugan.De kommer vid 2-tiden.Ikväll vill jag titta på en historisk tv-serie på tv:4.Jag tror att den är bra.:-)

I think Laura Wright is one of the best authors out there!

I think Laura Wright is one of the best authors out there!:-)And she is very kind!It´s 33 days left until her book "Eternal Beast" comes out.*Yay!*Looking forward it!It´s Dillon´s and Gray´s book.*g*

But I must say that Lucian Roman is my absolute favorite in Wrights Mark of the Vampire series.:-)
I have a tank top with his awesomeness on it:

*Yummy!*I think I want a tattoo with Lucian too.:-)On my shoulder maybe.Hihi.I have a soft spot for men with white hair.*g*


Snart är det mindre än en månad tills Laura Wrights bok kommer ut.

Snart är det mindre än en månad tills Laura Wrights bok "Eternal Beast" kommer ut!:-)Yay!I paketet kommer hon att lägga i en dörrhängare (förutom boken och tradingcards).Det är första gången jag får en signerad bok.:-)Hoppas hon ska signera fler böcker i framtiden.*L*Hade varit roligt!


Är i sommarstugan.

Jag,mamma,pappa och hunden Nellie åkte till sommarstugan igår kväll.:-)Idag tvättade jag håret.Kändes skönt.Lyssnar på radio.Jag har skrivit på min sommarnovell.Igår kom min egenproducerade diktsamling.:-)Good!