It´s wonderful here in Blekinge.

It´s wonderful here in Blekinge.:-)It was raining alot yesterday but the sun is shining today.:-)
It´s only 18 days left until "Eternal Beast" comes out.:-)*Woho.*Looking forward it!
I think the Mark of the Vampire series is one of the best out there!:-)Dark,edgy and sexy!*g*
My cup of tea.:-)I have a soft spot for Vampires too.:-D Mother and I never picked blueberries yesterday but maybe today.:-)We have some in the garden.I´m listening to Melody Gardot.She has a good voice.:-)I like her alot...My older sister and her family will come to Blekinge next week.I hope it will be fun!*g*I feel calm.:-)I saw a great tv-serie yesterday.:-)It´s about the pope in the 1400s.


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