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I just watched Swedish Hollywood Wives.

I just watched Swedish Hollywood Wives.Crazy ladies!
They have very strange lives I think.
I´m reading In Flight and I enjoy it.
I know many think of Fifty Shades of Gray when they read In Flight.
Sure,both James and Christian are billionaires and kinky Doms.
But I don´t mind at all.:)I don´t know why but I like Fifty Shades of Gray.
But not all of it.And I think In Flight is better.I also like the Crossfire series more.
In real life I would not want a man like Christian..But I see him only as a fantasy figure.
I have read the two first books in the FSG series.I borrowed the 3rd from the Library but did not finished it.I want to of course.I need to know how it will end for Christian and Ana.

My top six authors:

Laura Wright

Katie Reus

Larissa Ione

Nalini Singh

Kristen Ashley

Madeline Sheehan

I have many more authors I love of course!:)

Old and New Photos of me/family/friends:

Ibland får man inspiration.

Början på en erotisk novell:

”Kate är väl inte ens din typ?” frågade hon med rynkade ögonbryn. ”Babe, har hon fina tuttar och en tajt, blöt fitta är hon exakt i min smak.” Hans leende var som en olydig pojkes. Lara bara skakade på huvudet och muttrade något ohörbart men Vincent anade att det kunde innehålla orden svin eller omogen idiot. Hon var överbeskyddande mot Kate eftersom de hade varit nära vänner sedan lågstadiet och det var egentligen inte fel men nu när Vincent ville uppvakta henne var det bara irriterande, som en störig fluga som inte vill lämna ens ansikte. ”Kate klarar sig utan bad boys som röker marijuana och tatuerar folk som yrke.” Hennes isblå ögon spände blicken i hans men det fick inte Vincent att känna sig mindre värd. ”Jag röker bara ibland när det är fest och om det nu har undgått dig så kan jag berätta att mina tatueringar har prytt omslagen på flera stora tidningar. Det är inte ett hemskt yrke, gullet. Tatueringar är inte längre förknippade med brottslingar och…

I read Wicked Firsts.

I read Wicked Firsts and I enjoy it very much!:)*Sigh*I read Katie´s novella in this anthologies right now and Hayden is yummy!:)I only have Joan Swan´s novella left after that.I feel a little sad about that!The covers are yummy too by the way!*g*

I have preordered a signed copy of Bound by Night by Larissa Ione and Targeted by Katie Reus.:))
It will be my first signed book by Larissa and my second by Katie Reus.
I have two signed books by Laura Wright and in November I will get my 3th.Yay!Syn´s story.

I´m listening to Loreena Mckennitt.That woman has an amazing voice!Love her music!<3

Old and new pictures of me,friends and family:

It is Swedish Housewives 09.00 pm on tv:3.

It is "Svenska Hollywoodfruar" (Swedish Housewives) 09.00 pm tonight.I want to watch it.Crazy women.Gunilla Persson is the worst of them!She is scary!I would never want to work for her!

I´m listen to Deep Purple.:)Classic Rock!I have liked them since I was 15.
I can´t believe it was 13 years ago I was 15.And that was also the year my cousin Emmie was born.
Time goes by indeed.And it was 14 years ago I was in London.OMG!It was a trip with my class.I want to travel to England again.Love many things that are British!Tea for example...and yeah,David Gandy (the model).*Drool-worthy!*And he was born 1980 so he´s not too old for me.*g*A girl can always dream!;)

Little old photos of me,friends and family:

 Me 2009
Mom,sister,Alicia,Jimmy,Alexander and dad 2012.
Me 2012 with dreads.
                                                   Me 2011.

                                                     My friend Agnes.The photo is from 2006 I think.


Why I love Goodreads!

Well..I think it is a great place for readers and authors.:)You can talk with many interesting persons about books and interests.:)I have been a member in one year and so far I have no bad experience.Yay!Wicked Firsts will be out tomorrow by the way.So looking forward this!

New Adult is a genre I really like!:))I have started reading The Edge of Never.I like it so far.I actually read a lot on my Kindle app.I never thought I would...I was more a paperback person.Well,I guess I still am but e-books are not that bad.*g*And I have not so much space left for paperbacks.*g*

Some old photos:



I really want to get a tattoo!

I really want to get a tattoo this year!:)A Butterfly and flowers.I think that can be pretty.:)

I really enjoy the Bayou Heat series by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright.I just wish the stories could be longer.*g*The next book in this series will come out this November.

I will be at my big sisters place tomorrow and I will sleep over.:)I think my niece and nephew will like that alot.*g*I really enjoy being an aunt!:D I don´t know if I will get my own children.I don´t even have a never know.

I love the cover for Rebel Ink by Laura Wright.It will release this September.Gotta love a man with tattoos!*Drool-worthy!*

I´m at my parents´ house.

I´m at my parents´house.I´m looking after their dog Nellie.:)She is so cute!*g*I´m listening to the Black Keys.Great music!:)

Some old photos from 2010:

A snippet from Laura Wright´s First Ink.

A snippet from Laura Wright´s novella First Ink:

"“There he is! Oh my god. He is the hottest thing that ever walked the earth.”
Oh yeah he was. Always had been.
“Look at the line, Addy. Just to watch him work. Shit, we'll never get close. And I hear you need a special pass to get a picture with him.”
I'm sure that was true. Rush was always heavily guarded at these things. But I didn’t want his picture. I had plenty. Of him. Of us. What I wanted, what I needed, was a moment alone with him. To explain why I'd left him five years ago without a word or a note, and to beg him to forgive me so I could move on with my life."

I´m sure this novella is very good!:)I love men with tattoos!*g*
And Laura is one of my favorite authors!

I´m reading a lot of books right now.*Booknerd!*:)
Right now I´m very into biker romance books and rocker romance books!I also love books about tattoo artists.:)

This is Rush from First Ink as I see him in my mind:

Strange dream.

I had a very strange dream.Maybe it can be a story for a book?:P Nah,I don´t think so.*g*I often have strange dreams.But some of them are actually book material.:)

I read "Viper" by Patricia A. Rasey and I lie it so far.Vampire badboy bikers.:)I really like biker books and I also like the tv-show Sons of Anarchy!
I also read Bayou Heat:Talon/Xavier by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright.Love this series!:)It is hot and sexy!Great storytelling.The next book will be out in November this year.Can´t wait!

And I´m looking forward Eternal Sin by Laura Wright.So happy I preordered a signed copy!:))
*Happy Dance!*And Laura will put in goodies too.Great!:)