Visar inlägg från 2018

14 signed books by Katie Reus!

I can't believe I have 14 signed books by Katie Reus! They are my precious! <3

A signed copy of A Covert Affair and a wolf bookmark.

I'm so happy and thankful! I have 14 signed books by Katie Reus now. :)

New book by Michelle Willingham.

It is the Swedish edition of Forbidden night with a Highlander!The cover is gorgeous! I also have the English original as Kindle edition!

I think my signed copy of A Covert affair by Katie Reus and the wolf bookmark will arrive next week. So thrilled about that. :)


I love my unicorn t-shirt!

Unicorn t-shirt!

Yesterday I got a unicorn t-shirt! 😍

I also got a net t-shirt.

Nightmare before Christmas.

I got a Nightmare before Christmas diary today!
I love Jack Skellington! <3 I have a Jack Skellington dress too. :)

I got a Harry Potter bookmark today.

My brother and his girlfriend bought a Harry Potter bookmark to me last week. Mom and dad visited them in Gothenburg and took the bookmark with them. :) I got it today and it's beautiful. :) My parents bought a book to me in Gothenburg but I won't get it until Saturday. I'm curious what book it is. I hope it is a book by Sarah J. Maas. ;)

I must pay VAT before the package from Katie Reus will arrive to me. New rules in Sweden. But it is ok because it's not much I have to pay. :) Katie sent a signed book and a wolf bookmark to me. <3 I am looking forward getting it. :)


I can't believe October is already here!I'm looking forward Halloween! <3 I think I will have a steampunk costume this year!

I'm looking forward the wolf bookmark and the signed book Katie Reus will send to me!<3
So excided about this!

Some old pictures because I'm feeling nostalgic:

My signed copy of Soulless by T.m. Frazier.


I'm so excited!

I think my signed copy of Soulless by T.m. Frazier will arrive next week. I think the wolf bookmark from Katie Reus will arrive next week too. I'm so excited! It is so sweet of Katie to save one bookmark for me.

I will soon get a signed copy of Soulless by T.m Frazier.

I'm so excited! 😍💜❤️
This is the first book T.M. has signed to me. I think it will arrive to Sweden this Week. 🇸🇪

King by T.m. Frazier.

Holy moly you guys. King was a ride for sure. When I started to read I could not stop until I reached the last page. King does end with a cliffhanger! T.m. Frazier writes the best anti-heroes.I'm so happy I found this author! ❤️❤️

A signed copy of Soulless by T.M. Frazier.

I will soon get a signed copy of Soulless.I'm so excited becuase it will be the first time T.M. Frazier will sign a book for me. <3

The cover is hot!I can totally see the man on the cover as Bear. ;)Yummy! :)T.M. writes great alpha anti-heroes.I love her dark romances!

Interview with Laura Hunsaker.

I have the wonderful author,Laura Hunsaker,on my blog today. :)

Hi Marie, thanks for asking me! I love chatting about Highlanders :)


*Why do you think Highlanders and Scotland are so popular,both on TV and in books?
I think it's because everyone loves an underdog. The Highlanders were the epitome of the underdog. They had the odds stacked against them, but still fought to preserve their way of life and their people. The idea of a strong, handsome, warrior is something you'll find in any genre (SEAL romance, Viking romance, Paranormal Romance), but the Scottish Highlander is unique in the sense that they were in a fight to survive. Their plaids were outlawed for a time, they were driven out of their homes, they truly were the underdog of the story, and yet they persevered and their customs are still around to this day. We even have Highland Games in my city, which is not known for it's Scottish population. So when you find a hero where everything is against him, and st…

I have the best friends!

One of the best gifts this year! :) One of my American friends,Laura Hunsaker,sent a book,bookmarks and postcards to me last Month. :) So cool!

Torsjö Live June 30.

My friend Matilda and I visited the festival Torsjö Live June 30.It was a lot of fun!:)Good music!

We stayed until 1 am..I got home 3 am and was tired of course.LOL!

I got two packages yesterday.

One of the packages was from Laura Hunsaker and the other from A.L. Jackson.
Laura sent postcards,bookmarks and a book by Sarah Maclean. :) 9 rules to break when romancing a rake. <3

A.L. Jackson sent a signed book! <3 Lead me home!This really made my day!

Bound to Danger by Katie reus is one of my comfort reads.

Books are comfort for me.When I'm sad or need strenght I reread some books.Bound of Danger by Katie Reus is one of them.I have a signed copy. <3 :) Katie sent it to me October 30 last year and it arrived November 6. <3 The cover is one of my favorites!In my mind Cade look just like that.

I love books!


A signed copy of Honor on the Cape.

Today I got a signed copy of Honor on the Cape by MK Meredith. <3 This really made my Monday!I'm so excited! :)

Savage prince.

I loved this book!I have ordered the paperback. <3 It ended with a cliffhanger and we still don't know Savage Prince's name.Maybe in the next book?I hope so.I'm very curious about this mysterious man.
Iron princess releases tomorrow and the last book in this trilogy releases May 22. :)


it's Friday again.Yay!:)I think the book MK Meredith sent to me will arrive today.I'm so excited about that!<3

My signed copy of Love on the Cape:

I can't believe i have 13 signed books by Katie Reus by the way.<3

A few weeks ago I got this by Katharine Ashe!<3 Awesome!:)


Aah!It feels good that it's Saturday!:)Mom and I will probably see Outlander today and eat some oreos.:)Right now I'm listening to Mumford and Sons.<3I went to the library earlier and borrowed A court of thorns and roses by Sarah J Maas.<3

Some old pictures because I'm feeling nostalgic: