I got two packages yesterday.

One of the packages was from Laura Hunsaker and the other from A.L. Jackson.
Laura sent postcards,bookmarks and a book by Sarah Maclean. :) 9 rules to break when romancing a rake. <3

A.L. Jackson sent a signed book! <3 Lead me home!This really made my day!

Bound to Danger by Katie reus is one of my comfort reads.

Books are comfort for me.When I'm sad or need strenght I reread some books.Bound of Danger by Katie Reus is one of them.I have a signed copy. <3 :) Katie sent it to me October 30 last year and it arrived November 6. <3 The cover is one of my favorites!In my mind Cade look just like that.

I love books!


A signed copy of Honor on the Cape.

Today I got a signed copy of Honor on the Cape by MK Meredith. <3 This really made my Monday!I'm so excited! :)

Savage prince.

I loved this book!I have ordered the paperback. <3 It ended with a cliffhanger and we still don't know Savage Prince's name.Maybe in the next book?I hope so.I'm very curious about this mysterious man.
Iron princess releases tomorrow and the last book in this trilogy releases May 22. :)


it's Friday again.Yay!:)I think the book MK Meredith sent to me will arrive today.I'm so excited about that!<3

My signed copy of Love on the Cape:

I can't believe i have 13 signed books by Katie Reus by the way.<3

A few weeks ago I got this by Katharine Ashe!<3 Awesome!:)