A calm Sunday.

I'm in Blekinge County, at my parents' summer cottage. :) It is cosy and calm here. I reread Bound to Danger by Katie Reus. :)

There will hopefully be flowers there soon. :)

A bird nest mom found yesterday.

We will travel back to Skåne County today.
 :(But we will be back soon!

One of my favorite authors!

Katie Reus is one of my favorite authors. :) I have many signed books by her. :) I really recommend Bound to Danger!

I met my best friend today.

Matilda is my best friend. :)I don't meet her everyday but I know she is always there.

We ate donuts. :)Yummy!

Some things I'm looking forward:

June 28 we will visit the music festival Torsjö Live. I'm so looking forward it! Next year we will hopefully travel to Scotland. :) I'm excited about it!

The merry Scotsmen.

I have 3 merry Scotsmen. :) Angus the Highland cattle, Sean the Scottish Piper and Macquack. :) My American friend, Anne, bought Macquack in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2017.:)I got Angus and Sean this year.

Falala Llama!

I got my Falala Llama shirt yesterday. :)

So cute! :)

Up in smoke by T.m Frazier.

OMG! So good story! :) It's a dark romance and T.m Frazier is really good at writing them.:) <3

Darkness Rising by Katie Reus is out!

Happy release day! :) I read an ARC and it's so good! :) The cover is gorgeous! :)