Lace on Christmas Day?

I will probably wear this dress on Christmas Day. :)

My birthday was November 13 and my parents, brother, sister, niece and nephew celebrated me. I got awesome gifts. :)

A skull from my parents :

My brother gave me this:

My sister's boyfriend bought a Highland cattle stuffed animal from Scotland. He visited Edinburgh in May:

Finlay the Highland cattle.

Turkey dinner yesterday.

We celebrated father's day in Sweden yesterday. We ate turkey and it was so yummy!

Mom's applepie. Yummy! :)

Dragon necklace.

I hope this dragon necklace arrives next week. :)

I really hope I can travel to Scotland next year!

I really hope I can travel to Scotland next year! :) I want to take the book the Chief by Monica McCarty with me. One of the places I will visit is Isle of Sky. The main character in the Chief lives in Isle of Skye. So cool! I will travel without Matilda because she only complains. She doesn't want to do some of the things on the trip. She said I should calm down when I said I was excited about the trip. I don't think she wants to travel to Scotland anymore.

Nightmare before Christmas.

Jack and Sally t-shirt. :)


It was Halloween yesterday and I did have two costumes. :) I think they both look beautiful! The crescent moon is amazing. I have been goth since 2003.I might not always look like a goth but in my soul I am. :)


The ebook Outlander and Outlander skirt. :)

This head piece is cool and I love the moon. :)

Killstar lace top and corset. :)