Visar inlägg från april, 2018

A signed copy of Honor on the Cape.

Today I got a signed copy of Honor on the Cape by MK Meredith. <3 This really made my Monday!I'm so excited! :)

Savage prince.

I loved this book!I have ordered the paperback. <3 It ended with a cliffhanger and we still don't know Savage Prince's name.Maybe in the next book?I hope so.I'm very curious about this mysterious man.
Iron princess releases tomorrow and the last book in this trilogy releases May 22. :)


it's Friday again.Yay!:)I think the book MK Meredith sent to me will arrive today.I'm so excited about that!<3

My signed copy of Love on the Cape:

I can't believe i have 13 signed books by Katie Reus by the way.<3

A few weeks ago I got this by Katharine Ashe!<3 Awesome!:)


Aah!It feels good that it's Saturday!:)Mom and I will probably see Outlander today and eat some oreos.:)Right now I'm listening to Mumford and Sons.<3I went to the library earlier and borrowed A court of thorns and roses by Sarah J Maas.<3

Some old pictures because I'm feeling nostalgic:

Yesterday I got the coolest Easter gift.

One of my friends in USA sent me an Easter gift and it arrived yesterday.I love the Unicorn Duck!So cute!The other duck is called Easter Duck.I might be obsessed with ducks.:)I love Oreos so it was kind of her to send some.I will eat them while watching Outlander.I also promised my niece and nephew that they will get some.:)

I'm obsessed with Outlander.

The Outlander collection my dad ordered to me.It will realese April 9.So thrilled about this!Both mom and I enjoy this series.We have seen 3 episodes of season 1.We will be able to see all 3 seasons when the collection arrive.I'm so thankful for this! <3