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I´m listening to Deep Purple.:)Tonight I´m going to watch "Mistresses" on Swedish tv:3.I like that series.It is "Svenska Hollywood fruar" (Swedish Hollywood wives) tomorrow at 09.00 pm.I will probably watch it.*g*The Crazy Women!Yeah,even Swedes can be that!:P Gunilla Persson doesn´t want to be a part of that series anymore.Well,I don´t mind if she´s not there.I don´t know what to think of that woman.Is she insane or what?

Sunday has come around again.

It is Sunday again and I´m at my parents´home.:)Just chilling.

It is September 30th tomorrow and Shattered Ink by Laura Wright is out then I hope!:)
Can´t get enough of Rush and Vincent!:D

There are alot of thoughts in my head right now.Thoughts about my future.That can be scary sometimes.But I´m happy to be here.:)Keep on fighting!

Old photos:

Yesterday I finished Fire Inside.

Yesterday I finished Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley and I loved it very much!I wonder when the next book will release.:)And who will be the hero?Kristen has a way of writing Alpha men that I really enjoy!:)*Sigh!*I started reading Protecting His Witness last night and it is good!Katie Reus is an author I really enjoy and her heroes are always sexy,Alpha,hot,caring and protecting.:)
I hope I´m one of the lucky 100 who gets to read and review Shattered Ink by Laura Wright!*Keep my fingers crossed!*I really love Laura´s new adult series about tattoo-artists!The first one is very yummy!I´m sure the second one will be as well!And I´m so happy Vincent gets his own story too!I don´t know when it will be released.But soon I hope!And by the way...the cover of Laura´s book Branded is HOT!It comes out next summer.June 2014.Too long!:P I need some cowboy lovin!:)Haha!

Tonight it is "Svenska Hollywood fruar" (Swedish Hollywood Wives).Crazy women!I read today that one of the ladies want to…

I will get my signed copy of Targeted soon!

Katie Reus has sent my signed copy of Targeted.:))Yay!So hopefully I can start read it later this day!
I´m such a fangirl when it comes to Katie´s writing!And her covers are HOT!:D

I´m going to Blekinge today I think.Spending time with my family!

I was in the city Lund yesterday with my friend Matilda.:)And we took pictures!

Me in Lund:


I`m so curious about the book Tattered love by Lola Stark!:)I loove heroes with tattoos!*g*
And the cover is great!:))

This Friday me and mom are going to watch Pride and Prejudice I hope!:))And I will probably bake cupcakes!

Protecting his Witness by Katie Reus is out!

Yes,Vincent´s story is finally here!:))I´m looking forward reading it!You can buy it on Amazon,Kobo etc.:D

It is Autumn/Fall in Sweden now.

It really feels like Autumn/Fall in Southern Sweden now.The leaves are changing colors.It is beautiful but I miss the Summer!:(

Some photos from this Summer:

My review of Bound by Night by Larissa Ione.

Wow!Where do I start?What a ride this was!I have been a fan of Larissa ione since 2010 and when I heard that she was going to write a new series I just knew I so wanted to read it!:)I was of course very happy when Pocket Books let me review an arc!And thrilled!

Riker...He is one of the sexiest vampires out there in my opinion.:)And of my new book boyfriends.;)He is lethal but also tender and caring.I melted!

I also like Nicole alot.She is so sweet but also brave!I know some thinks she is stupid but I don´t feel that way.

I could not put this book down!It is a pageturner and I think Larissa has the talent to make you interested in her characters and the plots.So this book get 5 stars from me and I recommend this to you if you are a Larissa Ione fan or a vampire fan!

Now I´m looking forward Hunter´s book!Keep them coming,Larissa!:)

The cover is awesome!I can see the cover model as Riker: