Yesterday I finished Fire Inside.

Yesterday I finished Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley and I loved it very much!I wonder when the next book will release.:)And who will be the hero?Kristen has a way of writing Alpha men that I really enjoy!:)*Sigh!*I started reading Protecting His Witness last night and it is good!Katie Reus is an author I really enjoy and her heroes are always sexy,Alpha,hot,caring and protecting.:)
I hope I´m one of the lucky 100 who gets to read and review Shattered Ink by Laura Wright!*Keep my fingers crossed!*I really love Laura´s new adult series about tattoo-artists!The first one is very yummy!I´m sure the second one will be as well!And I´m so happy Vincent gets his own story too!I don´t know when it will be released.But soon I hope!And by the way...the cover of Laura´s book Branded is HOT!It comes out next summer.June 2014.Too long!:P I need some cowboy lovin!:)Haha!

Tonight it is "Svenska Hollywood fruar" (Swedish Hollywood Wives).Crazy women!I read today that one of the ladies want to leave the show.It is Gunilla Persson and I´m not sure what to think about her.But let´s not forget how media is.They not always tells the truth.Maybe Gunilla is a nice person but in the program they show a complete different side.She is not kind to the staff.She screams at them and yeah..she looks kind of scary.And she talks shit about people when they don´t do what she wants them to do.So I really don´t know who the "real" Gunilla is.


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