Visar inlägg från 2019

Eilean Donan.

I'm so looking forward seeing Eilean Dunan in real life! :)

Scotland trip with Scandorama.

Matilda and I will hopefully travel with Scandorama to Scotland next year. :)
It look wonderful! I'm looking forward seeing Eilean Dunan and Cawdor castle! I guess Culloden battlefield will be wonderful too. We will be on the trip for 13 days. I hope we don't get sick. When I was on Crete with my family in 2017 I got sick the last day.. The trip home was terrible. I throw up in the planer, the car and at home. I don't want that to happen in Scotland!

Scotland 2020!

It seems my best friend and I will travel to Scotland in May next year. :) I'm so excited about this! I think we will choose the bus trip that takes us to Edinburgh, Inverness, Culloden battlefield and Isle of Skye. :)

I will take the Chief by Monica McCarty with me to Scotland. :)

Bella's place.

My parents, brother and I visited Bella's place today. It's like being in USA in the 1950's and 1960's. I think it's cool we have places like that in Sweden. :)

Darkness Rising.

Katie Reus writes the best dragon shifters! :) Reaper is my new favorite hero in the Darkness series. I'm so excited about the spin-off series.

Dark Past by Laura Hunsaker.

I really enjoyed this story!:)Kyle is yummy!I know y'all will love him.Green eyes!Sigh!My weakness.LOL.He is a former SEAL too.Swoon-worthy!

Kate is likeable and she is on the run.Will she be safe in Chester,California?Will she find love with Kyle?If you want to know read this book!I know you will want to. :)

Torsjö Live yesterday.

It was fun seeing Smith and Thell. :)
It's the first time I see them live.

Matilda and I saw Sister Sledge too. :)

We ate good hamburgers.

My hair was crazy. LOL. It's the wind's fault. :P

Swedish fika.

Swedish fika with my best friend yesterday. :) It was yummy! We talked about the music festival Torsjö Live. :)


We celebrated Midsummer June 21.:)In Sweden we celebrate this more than our National day. ;)

Mom baked a strawberry cake today. 🍓

It was a really good cake. :)

I'm happy I discovered Cynthia's books.

Cynthia Eden writes great paranormal romance! I'm so happy I discovered her books! :)

Summer in Sweden.

It's Summer in Sweden! We have unusually hot weather. Just like we had last year. There were a lot of fires last year. :(
It's Midsummer's Eve tomorrow and Swedes celebrate that so much more than our National day. I don't know why.

A calm Sunday.

I'm in Blekinge County, at my parents' summer cottage. :) It is cosy and calm here. I reread Bound to Danger by Katie Reus. :)

There will hopefully be flowers there soon. :)

A bird nest mom found yesterday.

We will travel back to Skåne County today.
 :(But we will be back soon!

One of my favorite authors!

Katie Reus is one of my favorite authors. :) I have many signed books by her. :) I really recommend Bound to Danger!

I met my best friend today.

Matilda is my best friend. :)I don't meet her everyday but I know she is always there.

We ate donuts. :)Yummy!

Some things I'm looking forward:

June 28 we will visit the music festival Torsjö Live. I'm so looking forward it! Next year we will hopefully travel to Scotland. :) I'm excited about it!

The merry Scotsmen.

I have 3 merry Scotsmen. :) Angus the Highland cattle, Sean the Scottish Piper and Macquack. :) My American friend, Anne, bought Macquack in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2017.:)I got Angus and Sean this year.

Falala Llama!

I got my Falala Llama shirt yesterday. :)

So cute! :)

Up in smoke by T.m Frazier.

OMG! So good story! :) It's a dark romance and T.m Frazier is really good at writing them.:) <3

Darkness Rising by Katie Reus is out!

Happy release day! :) I read an ARC and it's so good! :) The cover is gorgeous! :)

Highlander books.

I read a lot of Highlander books. :) There is something special about Scots. :) Hehe. I hope I can travel to Scotland next year. That would be awesome. :) Sigh. I will take a lot of pictures.

It was my mother's birthday yesterday.

My mother's birthday was yesterday. :) She is 62 years old now. She looks younger. :) She got a lot of flowers.

Postcards from Edinburgh, Scotland.

My sister's boyfriend were in Edinburgh a few weeks ago and I got 5 postcards from him. That was kind of him. :)