Interview with Laura Hunsaker.

I have the wonderful author,Laura Hunsaker,on my blog today. :)

Hi Marie, thanks for asking me! I love chatting about Highlanders :)


*Why do you think Highlanders and Scotland are so popular,both on TV and in books?

I think it's because everyone loves an underdog. The Highlanders were the epitome of the underdog. They had the odds stacked against them, but still fought to preserve their way of life and their people. The idea of a strong, handsome, warrior is something you'll find in any genre (SEAL romance, Viking romance, Paranormal Romance), but the Scottish Highlander is unique in the sense that they were in a fight to survive. Their plaids were outlawed for a time, they were driven out of their homes, they truly were the underdog of the story, and yet they persevered and their customs are still around to this day. We even have Highland Games in my city, which is not known for it's Scottish population. So when you find a hero where everything is against him, and still he overcomes those obstacles, wouldn't you want him to be your hero? 

*Who is your favorite author who write Scottish books?

My favorite Scottish Romance author is Monica McCarty. She writes some of the best out there. Margaret Mallory is a close second. 

*Any plans on visiting Scotland yourself?

I hope to go next year, but it depends on the kids' schedules. 

*When will we get Liam's book?I'm so looking forward reading his story! 

I hope to finish this book this year. But finding time to write is not easy with three children and a job. I mainly write late at night when my husband isn't home, so unfortunately I don't get to spend all day in the world of Highlanders and magic.

Many thanks to Laura for the answers!:)

About Laura:

Laura Hunsaker is an award-winning writer who writes romance set in the Scottish Highlands, but with a twist. Somewhere in between Historical and Paranormal, she writes Scottish Time Travel Romance and Paranormal Romance. She's hard at work right now, writing about protective men paired with strong women who knock them off their feet.

She is a hybrid author being both traditionally published and self-published, as well as a member of Romance Writers of America® Cactus Rose Chapter and the Celtic Hearts Romance Writers.

After earning degrees in English and German, with a specialty in British Literature, she taught for a few years. As of now, Laura has a full-time job as mom of three which leaves nights for traveling through the mists of Scotland.


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