It is Swedish Housewives 09.00 pm on tv:3.

It is "Svenska Hollywoodfruar" (Swedish Housewives) 09.00 pm tonight.I want to watch it.Crazy women.Gunilla Persson is the worst of them!She is scary!I would never want to work for her!

I´m listen to Deep Purple.:)Classic Rock!I have liked them since I was 15.
I can´t believe it was 13 years ago I was 15.And that was also the year my cousin Emmie was born.
Time goes by indeed.And it was 14 years ago I was in London.OMG!It was a trip with my class.I want to travel to England again.Love many things that are British!Tea for example...and yeah,David Gandy (the model).*Drool-worthy!*And he was born 1980 so he´s not too old for me.*g*A girl can always dream!;)

Little old photos of me,friends and family:

 Me 2009

Mom,sister,Alicia,Jimmy,Alexander and dad 2012.

Me 2012 with dreads.

                                                   Me 2011.


                                                     My friend Agnes.The photo is from 2006 I think.


                                          My friend Agnes 2009.:)

                                            My friend Matilda 2011.:)


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