Strange dream.

I had a very strange dream.Maybe it can be a story for a book?:P Nah,I don´t think so.*g*I often have strange dreams.But some of them are actually book material.:)

I read "Viper" by Patricia A. Rasey and I lie it so far.Vampire badboy bikers.:)I really like biker books and I also like the tv-show Sons of Anarchy!
I also read Bayou Heat:Talon/Xavier by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright.Love this series!:)It is hot and sexy!Great storytelling.The next book will be out in November this year.Can´t wait!

And I´m looking forward Eternal Sin by Laura Wright.So happy I preordered a signed copy!:))
*Happy Dance!*And Laura will put in goodies too.Great!:)


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