I´m writing a story to my niece.:)It´s about a unicorn because she loves these!:)I will give it to her on December 25th.I hope she will like it!I´m also writing a story for my brother.I will call it "Hell´s Horsemen" and it´s about the future. The main character is a young woman. She is living in chaos in England.I write it in Swedish because that is my first language.I would probably have a lot of grammar errors if I write in English.*g*And people would probably hate me for it.:P If they can´t stand grammar error.XD But you never know...

It´s Christmas next week.:)And in Sweden we celebrate on Christmas Eve!But this year me and my family will celebrate on December 25th as well.It´s because my big sister and her family can´t come on Christmas Eve.They are coing to celebrate with my sister´s mother-in-law.


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