Monday again.

Monday again.I´m listening to Joe Bonamassa.Blues!I was dreaming about a knight last night.I think it´s because Simona Ahrnstedt´s new book is about a knight in Sweden in the 14th Century.Looking forward reading it!I really enjoy historical romances.*g*I think it is a good book because I really enjoyed her first book, "Överenskommelser."It´s not translated to English.It´s about a young woman in the 1880s.She is forced to marry an old evil man.That man dies and she is finally free to marry the man she loves..I hope she will write many more books!

I think Laura Wright will have a virtual signing for Eternal Demon.Yey!That would be awesome!I really liked the virtual signing for Eternal Beast!:)I think it´s cool to have her autograph!:D

She wrote: "Marie - One of the boys´ biggest fans!Hope you enjoy Gray." :)



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