Laura Wright´s Eternal beast will come out tomorrow.:)

Yes,tomorrow is the BIG day!I´m so looking forward it!*g*I love her Vampireworld!I rereaded Eternal Hunger,Eternal Kiss and Eternal Captive yesterday.:-)Alexander is a yummy vampire!Nicky is a dark,sexy vampire.But my favorite is Lucian!I have a thing for pale,whitehaired vampires.*g*But I like them all.*LOL*
I´m glad Gray and Dillon will get their HEA (Happily ever after)!They deserve it!:-)
I´m happy I preordered a signed copy by Laura Wright.She is one of my top 5 authors.And Mark of the Vampire series is also on my top 5 list.

I hope I can get a Lucian tattoo.:-)Yeah,he is an addiction.*g*He really captured me from the start!:-)

I love my tanktop with Lucian on!*g*I´m glad I have it...
I also have a Lucian pendant.I will take a picture and probably upload it here.I hope I find a chain to it..So I can wear it.:-)



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