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Honor on the Cape, an On the Cape novel ~ Cape Van Buren

On the atmospheric coast of Cape Van Buren...
Self-made businesswoman and roller derby badass Blayne MacCaffrey finally finds the opportunity she needs to return to her family in Ireland after a decade of being on her own. Running off to the States with an American boy at the tender age of eighteen had shown no honor in her father’s eyes but helping her friend Larkin Sinclair launch the Archer Conservation park of Cape Van Buren will prove to him that she is not only dedicated to something much bigger than herself but that her efforts and her intentions are full of honor. Then she could finally go home to the family she aches for.

Duty bound, family man James Alexander Wilmington Astor III is full of regret and tired of punishing himself. He comes from old New England money and has a sense of duty to his family that rivals the most honorable of men, but he'd let his misguided perceptions lead him into making the biggest mistake of his life and had abandoned the only woman he'd ever loved. After ten long years of empty relationships and flourishing business deals, he is back in town determined to win her back. Helping his childhood buddy Ryker Van Buren launch a new community center that will change the lives of the whole town is the perfect venture to move back home for and show the woman of his dreams that he’s worthy.

Blayne rolls into the business meeting confident it’s in the bag, but she discovers she has to partner with the one man who broke her heart and stole her innocence so long ago. Knocked on her ass literally and figuratively, her chances of going home seem more like a dream that will never come true than the reality she's worked so hard for.

Can past mistakes and broken hearts be restored with honor on the Cape, or are these two souls destined to repeat history?


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