My interview with author Laura Wright.

Hi Marie! Thanks so much for you patienceJ I’m so happy to be here – let’s do this! Woot!

*What was your inspiration when you started to write First Ink?

Interesting question. I actually took a lot from my highschool experience, and the two years following. Feeling lost, unsure, yet totally excited and free. All the mistakes we make at that age, and can we recover from them. Can we forgive ourselves as well as others. And of course, tatted guys are my heart-trip so I wanted to set the story in that world.

 *Vincent´s secret was a shock!A punch in my gut.My then best friend told me 12 years ago about what happened to her as a 4 year old.It was her dad that did it to her.Was this something you knew when you wrote the first book?Or did you realised it while writing Vincent´s book?
I knew. You’re not that angry and vulgar and closed off for no reason. I’m so sorry about your bf. The story is all too common I’m afraid – but at least people feel like they can talk about it more. I’m grateful for that.

*Will "Buttons" really have a chance with Lisa?I sure hope not!
Ha! Not with Lisa. She’s V’s, all the way. But Buttons is soooo going to be coming back! He’s not a bad guy. Just, for Lisa, not the right guy.

*This question has nothing to do with Wicked Ink Chronicles but I´m so once wrote in an email to me that you are part Swede.As a Swede I´m happy about that since you are one of my favorite authors.:)LOL!Do you know some Swedish words?Do you celebrate any Swedish traditions?
Yes! And no… sigh… no Swedish words. You’ll have to teach me some. My mother and her father had Swedish, Norwegian and Irish blood. Someday, I’d love to visitJ

Thanks so much for having me, Marie!!! All the bestJ


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