My email to author Katie Reus.:)

I wrote to author Katie Reus earlier today:

Hi Katie!This will probably sound so cheesy but when I was 13 years old I wanted to marry a Navy SEAL or a marine soldier.I thought they are honorable etc.I still think they are.:)Since I´m from Sweden I thought that the best chance to meet one is to travel to USA.I still want to travel so bad.:)I mean,almost everyone of my favorite authors live in USA.
And this will probably also sound cheesy and dorky but one of my dreams is to one day meet you at a signing.:)You are one of mhy inspirations when I write.I love evry book I have read by you!I have two books signed from virtual signings and they are my treasures!:)


Her answer:

Not cheesy at all! That's incredibly sweet. I hope we get to meet one day too! Send me your address when you get a chance if you don't mind. ;)


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