I emailed Joanna Wylde with some questions!

I emailed Joanna Wylde with some questions:

Hi Jo!
  I'm wondering what you think of the tv-show Sons of Anarchy? Do you know if real MC-groups are watching it? Is Sons of Anarchy realistic or more fiction?Do you think this series has made MC related books popular? And I have to ask, have you read the Undeniable series by Madeleine Sheehan? If so, is her writing realistic? I enjoy her books but I don't know if she has done research.Maybe her books also made MC-books so popular?Your and hers MC-series are the best in my opinion!
  I hope this are not stupid questions.:)

Her answer:

Hi Marie,
 I enjoyed Sons of Anarchy. It's got a lot of very realistic elements and 
 they consult with people in clubs to make it. I think it's definitely 
 behind the popularity of MC books, because people are always posting 
 pictures of Jax Teller on my Facebook page :)
 I no longer read other MC books because I don't want to risk being 
 overly influenced by them. I don't know how realistic Madeline's books 
 are or what kind of research she's done, but I do know they're very 
 popular and a lot of people love them. I also know Madeline herself, and 
 she's been very gracious and classy toward me, so that says something. 
 I'm sure the success of her books has helped build the subgenre, for sure.
 Anyway, hope that helps with your questions, which are not stupid at 
 all. I just wish I had more answers. You could definitely message 
 Madeline directly.
 Take care and thanks for your support,
 Jo :)


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