I´m really looking forward "Eternal Sin" and "Targeted."

I´m really looking forward Laura Wriht´s "Eternal Sin" and Katie Reus´s "Targeted.":)They are my inspiration and influence.I love their heroes!*Sigh!*I have two signed books by Laura and one by Katie.:)And soon I will have three by Laura.Yaay!:D She will put in goodies with the signed copy.I wonder if it will be trading cards or maybe bookmarks.:)

I came home from Blekinge earlier today.Tired now.In Sweden it is 22:04 pm.I will soon go to bed and try to sleep.I started reading "Caged Warrior" by Lindsey Piper this evening.I really like it.:)Alpha Warriors..yes please!*g*I guess I like my books dark and full of emotions!


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